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The CarboVac vapour recovery system tanks for oil,

The CarboVac vapour recovery system is based on the well known process of adsorption on activated carbon. The saturated carbon is regenerated by means of vacuum. The hydrocarbons desorbed from the carbon are re-absorbed in one of the products present on the storage terminal. An adsorption process is not continuous and needs to be stopped after a while to allow regeneration of the carbon. To ensure free passage of vapours through the system at all times, at least two carbon beds are required. The opening and closing of the sequential valves is such that one bed is always on line.

 The vacuum pump used by CarboVac is totally dry and causes no pollution of the recovered products, eliminating all corrosion and abrasion problems.

The absence of glycol or any other seal fluids (compatibility problem) and an unlimited deep vacuum level offers the possibility to treat a vast product range.
Advantages of the Dry Vacuum Vapour Recovery System

• Effective energy reduction program
- Speed control of the dry screw vacuum pumps
- Energy consumption proportional to the mass of hydrocarbons loaded

• Activated Carbon
- Very low sensitivity for hot spots through heat balanced adsorption.
- Very good vapour distribution inside the adsorbers.
- Very low pressure drop over the carbon beds.
- Good mechanical resistance.
- Very good bleed through values for low emissions ( 0,01 et 5 g/m3).
- Long life time of more than 15 years

 Re-absorber level control through frequency controlled return pump

• Simplification of the process
The system is reduced to the absolute essential components required for functioning.
There is no Glycol, no heat exchanger, no glycol circulation pump, no separator.
less space required.

• Absence of glycol
- No attack on the glycol by bacteria and fungi causing acidity and corrosion
- No glycol losses and yearly exchanges.
• Less maintenance requirements
• Less energy consumption < 0.12 kWh/m 3 of vapor treated.
• Flexibility of the process - more products can be treated (alcohol, ethers, MTBE)
• Lower absorbents circulation flow rate





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