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Tanks for oil & oil products storage tanks for oil,

Tanks for oil & oil products storage
Due to the application of progressive assembly technologies and modern equipment Alkon company erects vertical steel tanks the nominal volume of which is up to 50000m3. Also the application of the newest equipment allows to fabricate primary elements of tank`s metal constructions directly on site, tank`s non-standard equipment in accordance with Customer`s engineering documentation or in conformity with the documentation developed by our company according to Customer`s performance specification. Fabrication of tank`s metal constructions and their assembly are possible for different variants of performance:
• Vertical tanks (with a fixed roof, a pontoon or a floating roof);
• Horisontal tanks (with flat or conical bottoms), including single-sectional and multi-sectional ones;
• Tanks with the double vacuum bottom and the protecting shell (so-called “two-shelled”);
• Overland and underground tanks (including of a casemate type).
Tank assembly is made by the sheet-by-sheet way using the method of top-down construction.
Tank assembly by the sheet-by-sheet method has a number of advantages in comparison with the roll method:
 It provides a high accuracy of assembly and of geometrical form of a tank, absence of dents and humps which can appear as the result of defects when welding roll width or its unrolling;
 It provides a high accuracy of assembly and of geometrical form of a tank, because, using the sheet-by-sheet method, cutting out, rolling and shell preparation are made on the site;
 all the welding seams (horizontal and vertical) are made on the site and are checked with the help of physical methods, i.e. there is a 100% control of welding seams of tank metal constructions. Using the roll method assembly, the seams made during assembly are only checked ;
 absence of a vertical assembly seam and problems with its putting and checking;
The sheet-by-sheet assembly allows to use the method of top-down construction with the help of the system of a hydraulic jacks. The mentioned above technology of tank assembly was developed by our company together with Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Steel Constructions by A.Shimanovskiy and was registered under number 42820 in the State List of Patents of Ukraine. Due to this technology all the assembly and welding works are fulfilled at the same level without usage of construction cranes and scaffoldings, i.e. absence of high-altitude works.


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